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Carp Fish Bait Recipes for Homemade Fish Bait

You will catch more and bigger Carp with Your Own Fish Bait Recipes for
Making Homemade Fish Bait - Guaranteed.

Attention Carp Fishing Enthusiasts - Here's the Time Tested Secret Carp
Fishing Bait Recipes that will Fill Your Stringer Full of Carp, Give
You Action That Will Practically Break Your Pole, and Just Simply Amaze
Your Buddies.

Easy Step-By-Step Instructions for Turning Ordinary Kitchen Ingredients
and these easy to follow Carp Bait Recipes into Your own Homemade Fish

Riverside, California

Dear Fishing Enthusiast:

This is How a Can of Corn Got Me Into Developing Carp Bait Formulas

In 1984, I was on the banks of the Prado Dam River fishing for carp. I
brought along a loaf of bread. Not for lunch. But I was told to take a
pinch of bread and roll it into a ball. This ball of bait would catch
carp - nope. No bite. No nibbles. Nada.
A guy next to me was catching carp like poultry catching the chicken
flu. I noticed he was using kernels from a can of corn. He was kind
enough to share some of his corn. I caught carp for the rest of the
Nice and easy.

Yet, the next month I went to the very same fishing spot with a can of
corn. No luck. Should have used the corn for my lunch. I just thought
that the river was all fished out. However, I noticed a guy downstream
catching carp with a reddish dough ball.
Curious, I went over and struck up a conversation. I asked him what he
was using. He was kinda quiet but said it was something he made. I
asked what was in it. He laughed sarcastically and said "ancient family
secret." Ok. Whatever. But he did give me a pinch of the stuff.
Sure enough. It worked. The carp were jumping on the hook. That was it.
Homemade bait was it.

Catching carp is what it's all about.

And if you want to find out an easy way to increase your chances of
catching more and bigger carp, then you will want to find out more
about our secret carp bait recipes for making your own homemade fish

Here's why.

When you go to your favorite lake, fishing hole, stream, you are more
than likely not alone. You are fishing with other individuals hoping to
catch the same fish. And you know what? Mostly everyone is using the
same store bought bait.

Wait -------Before I forget...

You are invited to Subscribe to my Free monthly Ezine - Each issue has
a Free fish bait recipe for trout, catfish, carp......Subscribe here
and now

What if the carp just aren't biting on the same ol' same ol'?

But...Imagine if you brought an arsenal of homemade fish baits that the
fish haven't even smelled or tasted before - and this was the bait that
they are biting on today.

You could catch your limit of carp before the others even realized what
happened. You will be the envy of everyone. They will be coming to you
asking and trying to get all your secret fish bait recipes. That would
be fun.

It could happen. And now, you are given the opportunity to learn and...

Make your own homemade carp fish bait recipes

These fish bait recipes have been battlefield tested. These homemade
fish baits have given the users a stringer full of fish. These recipes
have given some the "record" catch of their life.

Its as easy as 1, 2, 3...

1) Get the necessary ingredients

2) Make your bait

3) Go Fish!

All this is compiled in a convenient and easy to read ebook (electronic
book). If you fish for trout, catfish, and carp, then this book is for

Here is what it's all about...

1) Learn about a little known natural bait that could fill your
stringer with fish. (Even the old timers were surprised to learn about

2) Easy to obtain ingredients. (Most can be found at your local store)

3) Easy to follow fish bait recipes. (You don't have to be a chemist or
a culinary genius to follow these recipes)

4) Costs are very low. (You can make most of these baits for pennies a
pound - you can bring an arsenal of baits to your next fishing outing)

5) Can be made in minutes. (Some homemade fish bait can be made in a
fraction of an hour and some can be made when you arrive at the fishing

6) Increase your chances of catching the winning fish at derbies and
tournaments. (Everyone will be using his or her store bought baits.
While other's bait will be a mish mash of smell and taste in the water,
your homemade bait will stick out like a sore thumb to the fish.)

7) Only the freshest ingredients are used. (Everything is organic -
nothing to pollute the environment)

8) There are 40 Carp Bait Formulas - That will keep you busy for a

9) Some home made fish bait can be stored in the freezer for a whole
year. (You don't have to make baits for every fishing outing.

10) Fun to make. (You can share the fun with your family and friends)

11) Receive the carp bait formula book instantly (in minutes after
paying, you can download and start reading the ebook - you don't have
to wait for days and weeks for product to arrive in mail)

It took me 23 years to compile these recipes. These homemade fishing
bait recipes had to be battle-tested and tweaked. There were a lot of
trial and errors, researching and observing.

For years, I've been buying bait. I didn't even think about different
options other than worms or the plastic and metal stuff. As usual I've
bought ****** and ******* and had satisfactory results in the past.
Can't complain. However, since I've started making my own bait, I've
had some great fishing stories to bring back home. On April 14, 2004 I
caught the biggest trout in my life using formula #1. Andrew Connors,
San Diego, CA

So why are these fish bait recipe formulas revealed? Because, the
bottom-line, these homemade fishing recipes were developed for the
passion of the sport. And with all the work that was used into
developing this book, it would be a shame if it weren't carried on to
future generations.
The price for this ebook is only $19.95 - I Think that its a fair
price. Imagine how long it would take, the many hours to compile these
formulas from scratch. There is a lot of trial and error involved,
researching, headaches, etc.

But wait.....there's more....

Bonus #1 By ordering right now, I will also give you a FREE bonus. This
bonus is not a formula, but a particular ingredient that makes catfish
and trout crazy. It is worth $87.50 - I know this because twenty years
ago I paid this amount for the information you are about to get for

Bonus #2 There's more. You will also receive all of the 2007 back
issues of my monthly newsletter titled "Fish Bait & Lure" FREE. Each
issue contains a fish bait recipe for catching trout, catfish, and
carp. Also, there are stories, jokes, q&a, and resources in each issue.

Bonus #3 By ordering now, you will also be locked in as a preferred
subscriber to my monthly newsletter. FREE. Again, each issue contains a
bait recipe and anything else of interest to fishing enthusiasts. It is
delivered via email every month. Even if, in the future, I am forced to
charge for subscribing to this newsletter....You will be grandfathered
in as a founding member and will always receive the newsletter for

But you will need to act now because this is a special internet
promotion and the price can go up anytime if demand is too great or I
feel that the market is getting too saturated. To be assured of
receiving the ebook and bonuses for the special low price, you need to
order by clicking here

Look, I am very certain that you will enjoy this product. That is why I
am offering this unafraid guarantee. It is a...

100% No hassle, no question asked, 60 day Guarantee.

Download the recipe book and try out these fish bait recipe formulas on
your next fishing outing. If you are not completely satisfied with the
book for any reason or no reason at all, simply contact me within 60
days and I'll issue you a cheerful refund.

I stand completely behind this product and I know that if you just try
out these homemade fish baits, you'll be catching more and bigger carp.

Here's How to Order

Simply follow the link to the safe and secure pay site. You can pay the
with your Visa, MasterCard, PAYPAL, American Express, Discover,
Eurocard, Bravo, Visa Debit, MasterCard Debit, or Novus. Customers in
the USA can also pay by online check. Order here.

The ebook is in PDF form. You will need an Acrobat reader. (It is free
to download from the Internet - I will provide instructions when you
order) If you cannot read a pdf file for any reason, I can email an
appropriate formatted ebook to you.

Of course it takes a very serious individual to appreciate and realize
the significance of this information. It could change your total
experience of this sport. However, it is not for everyone. The person
who goes fishing and doesn't care if a fish is caught and doesn't want
to get their hands dirty every so often wouldn't want this product.

I just wanted to write to tell you that I last month I brought 3 of the
homemade recipes to the local lake. Two of the baits didn't get much
action. But the 3rd, wow, I caught 4 trout in half an hour. My friend
Jeff didn't catch any. I finally shared my bait with him. He caught 2
more. We both went home happy. Thank you for sharing this. Theron
Mahony, Victorville, CA

But, if you are truly a hardcore fishing enthusiast, as I think you
are, you will want these homemade fishing bait recipes in your fishing
arsenal - because you realize that catching fish is the greatest moment
and highlight of this sport - it can be experienced over and over and
is no less thrilling than the last catch.

In minutes, you will be holding in your hands these time tested
formulas. You will amaze and garner envy from your fellow fishing
buddies when you are the one catching all the fish.

So, what are you waiting for? Order now. (It doesn't matter if it's
2:00 a.m. in the morning! - You may order online 24 hours a day, 7 days
a week, 365 days a year)


Marc Simms

Marc Simms

P.S. You will soon find out the secret fish bait formulas that will
fill your stringer full of fish. Making homemade fish bait is easy,
affordable, and fun!

P.P.S. Remember, if you order now, you will get the ebook at the low
special price and the Free bonus worth $87.50, and the second Free
bonus, and the third Free bonus, and the fourth Free bonus.

P.P.P.S. International orders are welcome.

If you are new to ordering products online, click here for more info.

Please click on this Link to order from our secure website Remember,
you can order online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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Contact Us

Privacy Statement

2009, Copyright SRC All Rights Reserved - Homemade Fishing Bait

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